Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Pierre et Vacances SA has 15 members, 6 of which are qualified as an independent member according to criteria set out in the Code AFEP-MEDEF.


  • Gérard Brémond, Chairman
  • Olivier Brémond, Chief Executive Officer
  • GB Développement represented by Patricia Damerval, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • SA SITI, represented by Thierry Hellin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Martine Balouka-Vallette, Chief Executive Officer Tourism
  • Amélie Blanckaert
  • Alma Brémond
  • Delphine Brémond
  • Ralf Corsten
  • Annie Famose
  • Gérard Houa
  • Ning Li
  • Bertrand Meheut
  • Andries Arij Olijslager
  • Jean-Pierre Raffarin