Being a part of the dynamic local community

Center Parcs: impact on the local community

Example: the Trois Forêts site in the Moselle region

A 2013 study carried out by Utopies using the Local Footprint® tool has helped us to evaluate the wealth created in the local area by the Trois Forêts village in Moselle-Lorraine. Taking into account the purchases needed for running the site, salary payments and cottage rent paid to local owners, as well as off-site guest spending and long-term job creation, it is possible to estimate the boost to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) generated locally.

Impact on the local economy (Lorraine and Alsace regions)
Impact on the local economy (Lorraine and Alsace regions)

All amounts and figures have been estimated based on the data from the financial year running from 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2013.
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