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  • 17 Januari 2023 - Financiën


    1e Kwartaal 2023

    Revenue from the tourism businesses up 19.4% compared with Q1 of the previous year
  • 01 December 2022 - Financiën


    Boekjaar 2021/2022

    • 2021/2022 operational performances ahead of the pre-crisis levels and the last outlook provided on 2 August 2022
    • Capital and financial restructuring operations completed
    • Reinvention strategic plan: a first year of execution with tangible results
  • 18 Oktober 2022 - Financiën


    4e Kwartaal 2022

    Further strong trends in the tourism business lines (accommodation revenue up 16.9% in Q4 and 12.6% over the year vs. 2019), bringing Group revenue for FY 2021/2022 to €1,770 million and validating the relevance of strategic directions.
  • 19 Juli 2022 - Financiën


    3e Kwartaal 2022

    • The Group steps up growth during the third quarter of 2021/2022:
                      o   accommodation revenue rose by 14.5% relative to the third quarter of 2018/2019 (reference year), double the pace of growth seen during the first half (+7.5%)

                      o   all of the Group’s brands outperformed their pre-crisis revenue level 

    • Increase in tourism reservations for the summer season, adding weight to the Group’s forecast for full-year revenue and the relevance of its ReInvention strategy.
  • 31 Mei 2022 - Financiën


    Boekjaar 2021/2022

    • Sharp increase in 2022 half-year results compared to the same period in 2021, higher than in H1 2019 (pre-Covid) :
                o Accommodation revenue: +7.5% vs 2019            
                o Adjusted EBITDA: +89% vs 2019 (+21% excluding non-recurring income)            
                o Net result: +24% vs 2019

    • Crossing of stages prior to financial Restructuring Transactions
    • Outlook for 2021/2022 revised upwards and confirmation of the strategic directions of the Reinvention plan
  • 19 April 2022 - Financiën


    2e Kwartaal 2022

    Further momentum in H1 2021/2022 accommodation revenue growth up sharply relative to H1 2020/2021 (x3.6) and more than 7.5% higher than in H1 2018/2019
  • 20 Januari 2022 - Financiën


    1e Kwartaal 2022

    In a still difficult health environment, outstanding first quarter performances, with revenue from the tourism businesses 2% higher than the pre-crisis level.
  • 01 December 2021 - Financiën


    Boekjaar 2020/2021

    • Agreements signed with the Group’s main creditors under the framework of the conciliation procedure
    • After a first half affected by the health crisis, healthy momentum in the business recovery on the summer period
    • Progress in the process to strengthen the Group’s equity