S p a i n 1 0 % F r a n c e 1 7 % Travel Food Purchases and other site-related activities Accommodation We are committed to reducing our GHG by 2030: Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs Group emits 1,1 million tonnes of CO₂ per year, the equivalent of the carbon footprint of a city of 110,000 inhabitants. * To do this, we will mobilise our guests, owners, catering partners and main suppliers. Act for a positiv-impact tourism Source: Lenzen, M., Sun, YY., Faturay, F. et al. The carbon footprint of global tourism. Nature Clim Change. Adagio’s carbon footprint is included in that of Accor Hotel. Just being aware of the situation is no longer enough. As leader in the world of proximity tourism, we have to introduce short, medium and long-term measures. Our guests travel to one of our sites for their holidays 12,200 employees working to reduce our carbon footprint on behalf of 8 million guests  Looking ahead to 2030 Breakdown of our CO₂ emissions: What is the carbon footprint of a holiday in one of our destinations? In what ways can we reduce it? The Adam family drove 3 hours from Brussels. The children clamber out of the car, impatient to discover the residence or resort where they will spend their holidays. Head office 6% 27% 64% 3% The tourism sector accounted for 8% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These GHG emissions are generated by: Pierre & Vacances - Center Parcs Group, together, let’s act! the emissions related to the energy used by our accommodation and facilities (vs 2019) To halve -27% of our indirect emissions linked to waste, employee travel, our franchise holders, etc. (vs 2019) Our ambition To contribute to carbon neutrality through a CO₂ emissions reduction strategy, in line with the Paris Agreement. Under the terms of the Paris Agreement, global emissions need to be cut by half by 2030 compared to current levels in order to limit global warming. This means a reduction of approximately 5% each year until 2030. i.e. -5% PER YEAR *2021 - 2022
New partnerships focusing on sustainable mobility (apps, rail travel partners) Recharging points for electric vehicles Bikes hire at the site The Adam family plays and uses the swimming pool and spa. And at teatime, pancake party! Choose suppliers who favour less carbon-inducing products and services Limit the amount of waste we produce Continue developing our travel and teleworking policy Help our franchise holders reduce the carbon footprint associated with their energy consumption Employee travel, waste management at the site, purchases for building work, renovations and operation, the sites managed by franchise holders, the maeva.com offering etc. all produce GHG emissions. Two ways ahead: The family goes to eat The Adam family finds a shady terrace, the children have fun and the menu is very tempting. But the meat, vegetables and fruit served induce carbon emissions linked to the use of fertilizers, deforestation and transport. They enjoy their time at the site, their accommodation and the facilities But the Adam family knows it: the energy used (gas, fuel oil, electricity production) for heating, electricity and hot water emits CO₂. Looking ahead to 2030 Looking ahead to 2030 Renovations and insulation work on buildings. Replacement of energy-inefficient appliances in our accommodation and facilities. Training of our employees and encouragement of our guests to adopt more responsible behaviours. Sufficiency short term Discontinuation of the use of gas in favour of renewable energies. Development of renewable energies. Increase in the number of “green” energy contracts. Decarbonisation medium and long term We are working with our catering partners to reduce the carbon footprint of the meals: tasty alternatives to animal proteins; local and seasonal products; waste reduction… We encourage our guests to use more sustainable methods of transport: They enjoy their holiday... The on-site teams work hard every day to ensure the Adam family enjoys their holidays. our goal : To halve    the emissions resulting from the energy consumption of our accommodation and facilities (water-based facilities and shared spaces). OUR VISION Our progress along the path of ecological transition is speeding up and is part of a long-term commitment... …and we are taking our guests, owners and partners along with us. Like 80% of our guests, they come by car. Contribution of travel to the carbon footprint of a holiday at: 70% 60% 25% Contribution of site-related purchases and activities to the carbon footprint of a holiday at: 19% 40% 25% Contribution of energy consumption by accommodation and facilities to the carbon footprint of a holiday at: 6% 15% Contribution of catering to the carbon footprint of a holiday at: 5% 35% Looking ahead to 2030 Looking ahead to 2030 Carbon breakdown of a holyday at : 25% 70% 60% Customer travel Equipments and accomodation energy needs Catering All activities related to operation, refurbishment and constructions 15% 6% <1% 35% 5% N.A. 25% 19% 40%