Let’s reinvent
tomorrow’s tourism together

We are 12,600 people – the PVCPTeam – working every day to deliver authentic, local experiences to our customers.

Joining the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group and one of our brands means contributing to the transformation of Europe’s leading leisure and holiday operator.

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What we have to offer you…

As the European leader in local tourism, we take care to offer a framework and working conditions that are in line with our fundamental values: friendliness, respect and entrepreneurial spirit.

Opportunities and responsibilities

We value team spirit and every person’s ideas.. Because we believe that a company evolves through the collective, we are committed to encouraging our employees to express their ambitions.

Inclusion and diversity

We are present in 5 countries in Europe. Diversity is therefore a natural trait of which we are proud and which we cultivate. In addition to multi-culturality, the Group is committed to inclusion and equal opportunities.

Agile modes of organization

In our offices in Paris, Barcelona and Rotterdam, in addition to the implementation of the semi-flex office, we are constantly involved in an increasingly “agile” approach. Beyond the necessary flexibility, these new organisational methods are based on the development of a relationship of trust with our employees.

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internal promotions in 2022/2023.
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Since 2005, the Group has been committed to promoting the employment and retention of disabled workers. Mission Handicap conducts awareness-raising operations throughout the year.
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2 days
This is the average number of days spent teleworking by our employees working at our Paris headquarters.

And all these values can be found in our brands:

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At Pierre & Vacances, work always has a flavor of discovery. Embark for a season or several, a whole year or a whole career.

Inspiring everyone to reconnect with nature and their loved ones while developing themselves on a daily basis, that’s the Center Parcs adventure!

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At maeva, being a Smile Generator means making a commitment by putting your skills at the service of a company project that is in line with your values: hospitality, benevolence, sharing and, of course, smile 🙂

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We are nearly 1,000 passionate employees who share the same boldness and entrepreneurial spirit. For us, teamwork is essential to design the accommodation solution for tomorrow’s travelers.

What we can build together…

A group on a human scale whose ambition is to grow with you!

A first experience

We have chosen to support and accompany young graduates by encouraging recruitment at the end of apprenticeship contracts.

A career in line
with your aspirations

Develop your skills through our training programmes.

A meaningful project

For us, professional fulfilment also includes the possibility of expressing our convictions and our role as a citizen. This is why we offer all our employees the opportunity to support associative projects via our Foundation for Families.

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young people under the age of 26, including 41 work-study students, have been recruited at Villages Nature Paris since the summer of 2020.
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of top management trained in climate change issues by 2022.
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hours of involvement and mobilization for solidarity actions in 2022.

We are all committed

“Bringing joy is what our job is all about. But what we do for these struggling families is very powerful.”

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“Today, Mission Handicap is very active and very present in the company and thanks to it I feel protected, supported.”

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“The managers are really looking to develop their employees. My director has already offered me two training courses since I arrived in 2021.”

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“There is a lot of goodwill in this company, it’s something that builds loyalty, that makes people want to stay.”

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“Although maeva is growing fast, we still operate like a small organisation: everyone knows everyone else, we work in close proximity and flexibly”

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“When I returned from maternity leave, I had the choice between two jobs. I wanted to evolve and I also wanted a different rhythm, not to work on weekends, in particular, to spend time with my daughter.”

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The Group in a few figures

The Reinvention plan includes a strong CSR ambition among its three pillars.
The PVCP Group wishes to pursue its commitment to professional equality, and action plans will be put in place within each Business Line to better promote access to senior positions for women.



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