Ambitious renovation program in Europe

The development of new domains is going hand-in-hand with the renovation of existing domains with an investment budget of around €650 million.

Center Parcs is on schedule with its program aimed at renewing and expanding all its parks in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. With this extensive innovation program, in which 325 million euros has been invested in the past three years, Center Parcs wants to continue to surprise its guests and set a new standard in holiday experience. Not only with new parks and by adapting existing parks with more luxurious and special new accommodations, but also with new forms of experience such as theme cottages, new spectacular activities such as water slides and indoor play paradises.  Center Parcs also continues to innovate in the field of digitization. Everything to make guests as comfortable as possible.

Center Parcs is the market leader in holiday parks. Center Parcs therefore considers this substantial investment an important step to be and remain progressive in its sector. The more than 650 million euros will be used to renew and expand a total of twenty existing parks in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany.

Dutch parks
In the coming years, investments will be made in both existing and new parks at home and abroad.In Het Heijderbos, a start will soon be made on the construction of a new duo-racer slide and the Jungle Dome, a unique tropical indoor play world, will undergo a metamorphosis. In addition to the renovation of 800 cottages, the Action Factory has also been expanded considerably. In February, a start will be made on the renovation of all cottages in De Kempervennen. Towards the end of the year, a start will also be made in Het Meerdal and De Huttenheugte.

Other parks in Europe
In Belgium, Center Parcs has opened the doors of two completely restyled parks: Park De Haan and Les Ardennes. The opening of Terhills Resort, near Maastricht, is also scheduled for this year. This park will carry the premium label "Resorts by Center Parcs". Terhills Resort will be a high-end holiday park with 250 luxury cottages and luxurious facilities. In addition, Center Parcs is halfway with the innovation of Erperheide, in 1983 the first Center Parcs park in Belgium. Here, all cottages are provided with a new, contemporary interior and the Aqua Mundo is expanded with a large water playground. In Germany, the renovation and expansion of Park Nordseeküste has been completed and the Park Hochsauerland, very popular with Dutch guests, has also been completely renovated. This park has been expanded with a completely new Deep Nature Spa and the Aqua Mundo with an Aquaracer slide. Other Center Parcs parks in Germany have also been or will be renovated.