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Our mission is to provide smiling holidays without hindering future generations.

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maeva is more than 150 smile generators committed to the smiles of holidaymakers and partners, but also to building a sustainable world. #FutureGenerators

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“45 years of holiday stories and reinventions”

maeva is today the leading French distribution and services platform dedicated to individuals and professionals in the holiday rental business.
But above all, it is an ambition: “to make holidays all smiles, to generate smiles, without preventing those of future generations”. Smiles from holidaymakers, private home owners, professional tourism partners…

Our mission


Holidaymakers each year


Accommodation partners (individuals and tourism professionals)


Smile, your holiday starts here!

Campsites, flats, houses, private villas, selected residences…
a holiday for every taste.

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Your holidays, your smile, our business. 50,000 selected rentals for your summer and winter holidays.


In a private home, just like at home. Leaving with maeva Home means choosing the comfort that suits you with the welcome of our Smile Generators.

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Colourful holidays for young and old! Water parks, Mizzy club, entertainment…

Choose a “slow” holiday, take the time to immerse yourself in our territories, with those who make them, those who live in them.

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Committed by nature, discover our campsites in ecological transition. In the heart of eco-managed parks, everything is designed so that you can reconnect with nature.

Our platforms
and services

Saving you time to focus on the essential

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Our online travel agency specialising in holidays. Nearly 6,300 listed partners accommodation providers.

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maeva Home

Our all-in-one service for renting your second home. 3,300 owners have already chosen maeva.

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Campings maeva

Our affiliate programme which supports and highlights independent campsites.


Our specialist platform for camping holidays across Europe.

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Agences maeva Home

Our affiliate programme which supports independent holiday rental agencies.

maeva Immo

Our service to accompany the sale and the real estate advice of your second home.

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La France du Nord au Sud

For holidays in France, our specialist distribution platform!

Protecting the smile of future generations

A link between thousands of
holidaymakers and accommodation providers,
a key place to accelerate the ecological and social transition of the sector.

Engaging maeva

No holiday smile without an employee smile! At maeva, we have made kindness a core part of our corporate culture. Transport and holiday stays account for 97% of our carbon footprint, and we aim to reduce these emissions by 27% by 2030.

Engaging our holidaymakers

Make ecology a real option for your holidays! We are working to raise the awareness of our holidaymakers and to make new practices possible: coming by train, by electric car, choosing an eco-friendly rental…

Engaging our partners

On, we highlight eco-friendly accommodation providers. To go even further, we offer unique solutions to help our partners in the campsite and private rental sector make the transition to a greener future.

Facilitating the ecological transition

maeva is developing innovations to promote responsible and low-carbon tourism: Cocotte, the carbon calculator for vacation rentals, Happy, the 1st eco-friendly mobile home, support in the renovation of secondary residences for private owners…

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Smile generator
n. / f.: a wonderful person who transforms all energy into smiles right up to the ears = smiles from holidaymakers, colleagues, partners…
The number of rentals listed on that are committed to the environment in the following ways: Environmental Display, Green Key, European Eco-label.
The number of campsites affiliated to maeva that have been supported by our services in their ecological transition.
eco-friendly mobile home created in partnership with Louisiane Sunshine Habitat

Generating happy memories

At maeva, we are committed to providing our holidaymakers with personalised holidays that are 100% smile.

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For a great holiday memory, nearly 4,000 flats, houses, villas or chalets await our holidaymakers. An experience with family or friends in the heart of the most beautiful destinations in France.

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Thanks to our maeva club, breath and getaway campsite ranges, we are sure to be able to offer our holidaymakers a stay that will match their desires. Between Photo Rally, Color’Rires or Land Art, we invite our families to dive into the world of maeva campsites, 100% all smiles.

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