Sustainable Procurement

The Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group’s Procurement Department is committed to a responsible approach and to continuous improvement in line with our Reinvention strategy. It thus contributes to the Group’s operational performance, while taking into account social and environmental aspects with all our external partners. The Group’s cross-functional Procurement Department handles purchasing for our 4 brands: Pierre & Vacances, Center Parcs, maeva and Adagio, for all our sites in Europe, and works closely with all employees involved in the purchasing and supply chain.

Our teams are organized around 3 thematic purchasing divisions:

  • Construction, Renovation and Maintenance
  • Operations,
  • Support Functions


To refine our expertise, we have a methods and tools unit and a dedicated Sustainable Procurement manager working on identifying best practices.

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Engaging our partners and suppliers

The Group develops sustainable and balanced relationships with its partners to improve the impact of its purchasing from a social and environmental point of view.

Back in 2012, the Group signed the “Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing” Charter, committing us to:

  • Ensure a responsible financial relationship,
  • Be respectful and encourage collaborative development,
  • Identify and manage situations of mutual dependence.
  • Involve signatory organizations in their supply chain,
  • Appreciate all life-cycle costs and impacts,
  • Integrate environmental and social responsibility issues,
  • Ensure the territorial responsibility of its organization,
  • Ensure the professionalism and ethics of the purchasing function,
  • A Procurement function responsible for overall management of supplier relations,
  • Offer a “Supplier relations” mediator function.


Since 2016, we have been audited every year as part of the RFAR label, the award of which demonstrates the Group’s commitments and its desire to improve its practices over the long term.

PVCP’s Responsible Procurement indicators are published in the annual Extra-Financial Performance Statement (available here).



Catering and animal welfare

The Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group has been working with its catering partners for more than two years to gradually integrate animal welfare criteria into its purchasing processes, with a view to improving the living conditions of farm animals.

Today, the Group is committed, along with its catering partners, to ensuring that by 2026, 100% of chicken meat supplies on all sites bearing one of the Group’s brands come from farms and slaughterhouses that respect the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment. This policy is already in place for our sites in the Netherlands. In France, the Group will go further and ensure that at least 20% of its chicken meat volumes come from farms that meet these criteria and guarantee access to open air or a winter garden.

The Group already invites its partners to commit to animal welfare and will pay close attention to ensuring that this goal is met.

In addition, the Group and its partners are committed to abandoning eggs and egg products from caged hens by 2025, for all its sites, in all countries where the Group is established, and to use only eggs and egg products from free-range or free-range farms or alternatives to eggs. This policy is already in place for restaurants operated by our partners in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

  •  36% of the Group’s sites comply with the animal welfare criteria relating to broiler chickens (European Chicken Commitment) and 100% have committed to respecting them by 2026;
  • 84% of the Group’s sites have already abandoned the supply of eggs and egg products from hens raised in cages;
  • 79% of the Group’s sites have signed a responsible catering charter.


Build and maintain balanced relationships with our partners and suppliers

As part of our relations with our supplier partners, the Group has formalized several important documents:

  • The Code of Conduct sets out PVCP’s expectations of its suppliers in terms of ethical, social, professional and environmental practices.
  • The General Purchasing Conditions (GPC) provide a framework for commercial relations in cases where no contract has been drawn up.
  • The Supplier Invoice Charter aims to guarantee optimized invoice processing and payment.


To ensure transparency, the Group requires its suppliers to sign the Code of Conduct and carry out their own CSR performance self-assessment (on the AFNOR ACESIA platform).

All suppliers have the right to contact the Group’s internal mediator in the event of non-compliant practices or conflict with one of its representatives ( Procurement or Business Lines Departments).


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Code of Conduct

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Supplier Invoices Guidelines