A real memory factory, Center Parcs is keen to immerse young and old alike in a unique and immersive experience in its estates and cottages. Let’s take a closer look at a selection of 6 unusual refuges in the heart of the forest!

A contemporary nest in the trees
Domaine Center Parcs Les Landes de Gascogne
The Treehouses of the new Center Parcs Les Landes de Gascogne estate – which opened on 23 May – offer a unique experience, all perched in the pines. With a surface area of 91 m2, they are equipped with a kitchen open onto the living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a warm decoration and a spectacular view of the surrounding nature thanks to the numerous exterior openings.
From €829 per weekend (3 nights) for 6 people

A stay on the farm
Domaine Center Parcs Les Landes de Gascogne
In the Farm area of the Landes de Gascogne domain, Center Parcs offers an immersive experience close to the animals and vegetable gardens. The Farm Houses, decorated by Patrick Arotcharen, plunge visitors into a revisited and modernised atmosphere of the region’s farmhouses. For the duration of their stay, they slip into the shoes of a real farmer: privileged and direct access from the garden to the penetrable enclosure and its regional animals; discovery of the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in the participative vegetable garden; introduction to composting; management of the henhouse… Not forgetting the “rendez-vous du jour”: a daily and exclusive programme to live like a farmer in a playful and educational way: egg collection, maintenance of the vegetable garden, feeding and care of the animals…
From 649 € mid-week (4 nights) for 6 persons

A kingdom of imagination
Domaine Center Parcs Les Trois Forêts
The incredible cottage Contes du royaume has a magical atmosphere that takes you back in time. Sophie Jacqmin has drawn on her childhood imagination to create this unique cottage: a play of mirrors and mirrors, hidden doors, an entrance like a drawbridge, a large chessboard in the living room with a walkway, a watchtower, and a dungeon… The three bedrooms remain in the same fairytale world: dungeons, mirrors and constellations are part of the story.
From € 469 per weekend (2 nights) for 6 people

A high quality tree house
Domaine Center Parcs Le Bois aux Daims
Ideally located on the river bank or in the forest, the tree houses of the Bois aux Daims estate are entirely wooded and designed by the architect Michel Linet-Frion, who has used only natural materials, handmade furniture and antique objects in an ecological and environmentally friendly approach. These houses are real perched cocoons offering a spectacular view from the private terrace. A most unusual experience that continues in the heart of the animal world, where you can discover numerous animal species: deer, badgers, wild boars, jays, thrushes, blackbirds, turtle doves and fallow deer, which roam freely.
From € 893 per weekend (3 nights) for 4 people

A world of adventure
Domaine Center Parcs Les Trois Forêts
There is an incredible cottage where every room invites you to go on an adventure. The head decorator Antoine Maron has imagined a living space that invites you to travel through playful worlds: the books that line the walls hide openings, the living room is a Berber camp for a bivouac under the stars, the children’s bedrooms are tree houses, the bathroom plunges its inhabitants into an underwater atmosphere and the master bedroom transports its occupants to an island like Bali…
From €419 per weekend (2 nights) for 4 people

An exclusive experience with a view of the Vosges
Domaine Center Parcs Les Trois Forêts
Unique to Center Parcs, these Exclusive cottages, designed by Ana Moussinet, offer a real art of living, in terms of equipment and atmosphere, as well as lighting and the choice of materials. The living space is vast and contemporary, with a living room with fireplace, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. The large picture windows invite you to extend the experience outside, and more precisely on the large private wooden terrace, designed on stilts and with a private sauna, with a view of the Vosges. The bathroom, with its whirlpool bathtub, rain shower and relaxation bench, has been designed as a real spa for an exclusive experience.
From € 563 per weekend (3 nights) for 4 people