In recent years, Center Parcs has undergone a profound transformation, accelerated by the “Reinvention” strategic plan: moving upmarket, renovating cottages and infrastructure, creating new experiences and activities to discover and better understand nature, and better integrating the estates into their local environment. 

Inaugurated in 1993, France’s second-largest Center Parcs – which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year – is benefiting from an ambitious renovation programme to enhance the customer experience and meet the brand’s ambition to inspire people to reconnect with nature and their loved ones.

Renovation and upgrading of all cottages


In 2020, the estate updated its 52 VIP Bois cottages, built in 2008, in country chic style with wooden interiors and modern decor. Now it’s the turn of 206 premium cottages for 4 to 8 people to get a makeover. Work is due to be completed before the summer period.

Inspired by the flora and fauna of the regional landscapes of the Centre-Val de Loire, the new premium cottages feature shades of green, pink and blue to create a poetic atmosphere. Elements of the forest are an integral part of the decor: leaves, hedgehogs, ferns, oak, squirrels, birds and other owls… for quiet, restful nights in the heart of nature. 

This upmarket strategy will continue until 2024, with the renovation of the 498 Comfort, Premium and VIP cottages in 2 phases. In particular, 10% of the Comfort cottages will be upgraded to the Exclusive and Unusual categories, to enhance the customer experience and meet the changing expectations of holidaymakers. 

Building on the success of the unusual cottages launched in 2017 at Les Trois Forêts in Moselle – “Animals of the Forest”, “Tales of the Kingdom” and “Adventure” – Les Hauts de Bruyères will also be immersing visitors in 2 immersive worlds. The aim is to turn the accommodation into a real playground and offer a unique experience. The first of these unusual cottages will offer a concept of a retreat in the heart of nature, with a “salvaged” spirit and the use of misappropriated objects, with, of course, all the modern comforts. The second, playful and colourful, will play on the theme of the undergrowth, with small insects and giant mushrooms for a life-size experience.

Renovating infrastructure and enhancing the offering


As well as renovating the cottages, the Center Parcs Les Hauts de Bruyères estate will be upgrading all its infrastructure between now and 2024. After the development of the restaurant concepts in 2019 and 2020 and the renovation of the Deep Nature spa in 2022, the following will follow: the communal areas, including the Action Factory (indoor games area) and its bowling alley, the dome and the entrance to the estate, the cycle centre, its educational farm, the pathways, signage and lighting, as well as the landscaping.

In terms of activities, Center Parcs is developing new experiences for its customers, all inspired by the local environment of each estate. At Center Parcs Les Hauts de Bruyères, for example, children can discover the vegetable gardens and the forest by putting themselves in the shoes of a real gardener or a forest ranger, and learn the secrets of woodland nature during a family educational walk. 

With its strong local, natural, economic and social roots, the Center Parcs Les Hauts de Bruyères estate invites its holidaymakers to discover the riches of the region, with the presence of a branch of the tourist office. A ticketing project is currently under study. Guests can also take advantage of a weekly market featuring local producers and regional specialities. 

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Center Parcs Les Hauts de Bruyères is transforming and reinventing itself. The estate offers 756 accommodation units for 4 to 12 people over 120 hectares, with around 900,000 overnight stays per year. It employs 500 people and has welcomed more than 7.5 million customers since it opened in 1993.