It’s official as of this Wednesday, September 15, 2021: the South Moselle area, where Center Parcs Domaine Les Trois Forêts is located, is now part of UNESCO’s “Man & Biosphere” programme. This makes the South Moselle the fifteenth French region to be recognised worldwide for its great ecological qualities and its commitment to sustainable development. The Domaine Les Trois Forêts thus becomes the first and only Center Parcs located in a biosphere reserve.  

Worldwide recognition of the richness of the South Moselle region

The South Moselle region offers a real mosaic of landscapes, ecosystems and heritage. With its 50,000 hectares of coniferous and deciduous forests, more than 200 species of birds and wetlands as far as the eye can see, the South Moselle is home to a very rich natural environment, with flora and fauna that must be protected. On its own scale, the Domaine Les Trois Forêts is home to remarkable biodiversity in its 455 hectares, 78% of which is woodland. Better knowledge of these natural environments, in order to better preserve them, is one of the priority missions of the new biosphere reserve.

A collective project supported by Center Parcs

In 2016, Pierre Singer, President of the Development Council of the Sarrebourg region and Director of the Sainte-Croix Animal Park, initiated the idea of registering the area within the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme. This was followed by a collective effort involving the Pôle d’Équilibre Territorial et Rural du Pays de Sarrebourg, the Lorraine Regional Nature Park, the communities of communes of Sarrebourg, Saulnois and Phalsbourg and the various managers of natural areas in the area, leading to the submission of the application file in December 2020. Center Parcs has supported the project’s sponsors and on Thursday 27 May 2021 hosted the first steering committee meeting at its Forest Lodge conference centre.

The first and only Center Parcs located in a biosphere reserve

Like Martinique in France, Monte Grappa in Italy, Mount Penang in Malaysia and Doi Chiang Dao in Thailand, the South Moselle, where the Domaine Les Trois Forêts is located, is one of the 20 new sites added by UNESCO to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves in 2021. A first for Center Parcs! The presence of tourism powerhouses such as the Sainte-Croix Animal Park and Center Parcs Domaine Les Trois Forêts in an area now recognised worldwide by UNESCO’s Man & Biosphere programme is proof that tourism and sustainable development are compatible. 

This recognition of the South Moselle region is in line with the “Reinvention Plan 2025” strategy of the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group, which is committed as a European player in local tourism, so that everyone can rediscover the essential in a preserved environment.

“This worldwide recognition shows that sustainable tourism and respect for the environment have a bright future in South Moselle,” says Eric Bagriot, General Manager of the Les Trois Forêts estate.  Center Parcs Domaine Les Trois Forêts has supported those involved in this application and will continue to work with them to carry out the actions that will have to meet the many environmental challenges.”