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Laurette Salamé

Accounting Assistant


My career path within the PVCPTeam

I joined maeva in 1999 and since then I have worked for different entities of the Group, it’s like my second home! I am still happy to meet people who were there when I arrived. For the past ten years, I have been working for the Group’s property management business, entering checks and transfers, dispatching the team’s e-mails, processing mail, and I have quite a variety of tasks. I adapt easily: for me, nothing is complicated!


How did the Disability Mission facilitate my daily life?

After an operation in 2005, I had health problems when I returned to work. At the time, I was almost exclusively doing manual cheque entry, a very repetitive task that caused pain in my arm. The occupational physician asked for an ergonomist to intervene and adjustments were made: the machine I was using for the checks was changed, as well as my seat. And above all, one of my colleagues told me that I could be recognized as a disabled worker, which I didn’t know and I then became aware of my rights. Today, the Disability Mission is very active and very present in the company and I feel protected and supported. I am active, never absent, my health problems are not visible and so it happens, even now, that I find it difficult to have my status recognized around me. When this happens, the Disability Mission intervenes very quickly. This experience has made me stronger.


To me, “getting back to basics” means… ?

First of all, to be in connection with others, with my family and especially with the youngest ones. Not long ago, I sowed chickpea, wheat and lentil seeds with my grand-nephew who is two years old: he was so happy to see them grow!

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