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Stéphanie Giniès

Marketing and E-commerce Director, Pierre & Vacances


Why I joined the PVCP Group

Having worked for a long time in the world of digital marketing agencies, I wanted to move over to the advertiser’s side with two motivations in mind: firstly, to work upstream in the strategic process and, downstream, to bear the results of the deployment of this strategy. The second reason was my interest in the tourism sector. In these professions, there’s a kind of pressure that suits me well: every evening, our stock runs out and to renew it, we have to be efficient, move fast and move forward.


How I’ve developed, by broadening my range of skills

Since 2015, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to develop professionally. I’ve changed jobs, constantly broadening my scope of responsibilities, and I now sit on Pierre & Vacances’ management committee. Each position has been a challenge in terms of skills that the Group has been bold enough to take up with me. I came from a digital marketing background, so I took charge of e-merchandising (the commercial development of our websites), and social media, which were not my original training. In 9 years, I’ve been given three jobs, two of which I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. The Group’s HR culture is based on autonomy and trust. You’re given a lot of responsibility, you’re expected to deliver results, but you’re allowed to make mistakes, as long as you know how to challenge yourself.


For me, “getting back to basics” means…?

Holidays! I’m convinced that holidays are essential to the smooth running of the world. I’m totally committed to my work, but I have the freedom to disconnect completely, and I can do so because I work with my teams and management in a framework of trust.

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