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Cindy Piano

Regional Agency Manager


My career path within the PVCPTeam

I joined maeva at a time when the brand was evolving and there was a lot to develop; I took this opportunity. I came from a tourism group where I had already evolved well, from receptionist to accommodation manager and I arrived at maeva in 2018 as a receptionist at Les Restanques, with this experience already behind me. So my mission quickly expanded: I was managing customer arrivals but very quickly, I was also in charge of relations with the owners. I was then offered, from 2019, to manage the agency in the Saint-Tropez area, which included two sites, Les Restanques and the Parc de Grimaud.


My post maternity leave experience

I was told, “When you come back, you have your place. And indeed, I even had the choice between two positions when I returned. I wanted to evolve and I also wanted a different rhythm, not to work on weekends, in particular, to be able to spend time with my daughter. The hierarchy is very attentive to this need for balance: it knows that the better we are, the better we will do our job. Until 2022, all the agencies were managed at the national level by one person. I had said before I went on maternity leave that I would like to work with this person, and after a reorganization that divided France into 4 zones, maeva entrusted me with a region, i.e. 7 agencies in 3 different departments in the South East. The company works a lot on trust, if you are autonomous, motivated, you can evolve.


To me, “getting back to basics” means… ?

My first vacation in a long time, next week! The main thing is in the fundamentals, just being able to spend time with my baby.


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